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Bolivia mission

I spent a month and a half in the Bolivian Andes volunteering in a small town at 3500 meters above sea level called Ambanà.

Here it is a bit like going back in time, a hard life marked by the cycles of nature, there are no real timetables or laws, you think day by day and the setbacks are really common, this is where millennial beliefs meet the smartphone.

I learned a lot in this period, I did things I didn't think I could do: walk at the foot of these white giants, play football at 4000 meters, eat coca leaves with the "old men" of the town, turn on a car pushing it with an army of children,  to risk burning the thatched roof of a house by cooking potatoes, to attend an Aymara rite.

I went to Bolivia to help those who really need it, but they taught me how to be happy.

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