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I introduce myself  

I am Giovanni, born and raised in a very small town in the heart of the Alps, named Fraciscio. Surrounded by nature and beautiful mountains, I immediately cultivated a passion for outdoor sports and adventures, which started from behind the house, and then pushed me to travel far away.   


The insatiable hunger for exploration and the curiosity to discover the world have sprouted in me the passion for travel and photography, which merged together have created a real way of thinking and seeing our Mother Earth with very different eyes, respecting and enhancing it with my shots. 

By alternating work with travel, I slowly managed to get the chance to savor what the planet and the thousands of ethnic groups have to offer.


After visiting part of Central Europe with great train crossings, I embarked on the first great journey: Bolivia. A distant country not only geographically but above all for its lifestyle and mentality of people. Here I volunteered for 40 days in very poor villages, lost in the Andes at considerable altitudes, where life is marked by the rhythm of nature.


Months later it was the turn of Morocco, a colorful country built between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara desert. The desire to explore the world did not subside, rather it increased over time and getting inspired. 


It is well known that the Northern Lights are a spectacle of the celestial vault, and for a nature photographer it is undoubtedly something special. So I went to the lands of the great north, beyond the Arctic circle, to admire and capture the dance of the green polar lights with my camera.


travelling in lands so different between them has been very challenging, however always felt more  the need and the desire to undertake something more than a quick photographic adventure, something that makes me grow in all respects, so I took a one-way ticket to the land of the long white cloud: New Zealand. 

I couldn't choose a place more far away from my home, but after all, the farthest journey I was making was within myself.    

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